Premium Hawaiian Burger in Thailand


Teddy’s Bigger Burgers is the only Premium Hawaiian Burger in Bangkok, Thailand which offers some of the most delicious burgers with meat that is 100% imported (no filler, no artificial and super delicious!)

Customers can choose 5 levels of how they’d like it cooked and the sizes. Teddy’s Bigger Burgers offers beef of  5oz (normal), 7 oz., and 9 oz. There is a wide variety of patties such as grilled chicken, fried chicken, pork, beef, fish, and bacon. Feel free to customize your burger with up to 16 toppings and 6 different sauces. Some of the most popular burgers in this restaurant are:


  • Teddy’s original burger (beef/pork + lettuce + tomato + onion + pickle + special sauce)


Teddy's Original Burger
Teddy’s Original Burger


  • Monster Double Burger (5 oz. beef/pork + lettuce + tomato + onion + pickle + special sauce + extra patty)


Monster Double Burger
Monster Double


  • Western burger (Your choice of meat + bacon + onion rings + cheddar cheese + BBQ sauce + No veggie)


Western Burger at Teddy's Bigger Burger Ekkamai
Western burger


  • Bacado burger (Your choice of meat +lettuce + onion + tomato + pickle + bacon + avocado + special sauce)


Bacado Burger at Teddy's bigger burger bangkok
Bacado burger

If you have a craving for a real burger then make sure to order Teddy’s Bigger Burgers at G Floor, Gateway Ekkamai or at Central Pinklao. They also serve the well known Budweiser beer. They sometimes also have some great offers for example like for every purchase of specialty burger you get a free soda. Sounds amazing, right?

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Thailand is a very casual place where you can not only eat some tasty fast food, but also spend some quality time with your family or friends in its relaxing atmosphere. The decoration is super modern yet very unique which gives the whole atmosphere a special touch.

Their staff is super friendly, yet professional and ready to provide their customer the best service possible and make their experience even more unforgettable.

What makes this place even better than it already is are the prices. They are super affordable even though the quality and the service are some of the best that you could ever get.

All in all, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Thailand is a fast food restaurant that is worth your money and time in every sense of the word. Chances are, once you taste their amazing burgers you will keep coming for more over and over again.

Just take a look of the review of some of the many satisfied customers of Teddy’s Bigger Burger Thailand:

“After living in Thailand for more than 10 years I think I’ve finally found the best burger in Thailand – these guys are an Hawaii Burger Chain just arrived in Thailand.”

What else could be left to say except that for every fan of burgers, this place would be a real paradise so in case you are one of them, do not wait a minute longer and give it a shot!


Line: TeddysBurgersTH
Instagram: TeddysBurgersTH



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