Vegetarian Festival 2015 – Bangkok Transforms into a Yellow City


2015 vegetarian festival in bangkok

Vegetarian festival is one of the most popular festivals in Thailand which transforms Bangkok into a yellow city for few days at least. This festival attracts people from all around the world because it demonstrates the heritage and culture of Chinese people who migrated to Thailand many years ago. The festival is celebrated with huge joy everywhere but more so in old Bangkok area also known as Thonburi. There are many beliefs and reasons for this festival, however, the primary reason is to cleanse your body.

During this festival vegetarian food / snack is available in 7/11, tops supermarket, Big C and Tesco lotus supermarket. There are millions and millions of vegetarians all around the world, but not everywhere in the world there is a huge festival in their honor like the one here in Bangkok.

bangkok vegetarian festival 2015

Tesekan Gin Je Festival or Vegetarian Festival has a Chinese origin (celebration in honor of the nine Emperor Gods) and it happens during the 9th Chinese lunar month every year. The goal is to clean your own body from the toxins which we are taking inside every single day.
This year this festival is going to run from 12th to 20th October in Chinatown and it is the kind of event that no expat should miss it.

Chinatown is a real paradise for the vegetarians because there you can find sweet cakes, soups, bread available in veggies in yellow color and many other dishes. The festival turns Bangkok into a yellow town with many shops carrying a yellow, red flag to demonstrate the color of the festival / vegetarian festival.

Some of the most interesting food in the entire restaurant fake chicken, sausages, pork, salami and fish etc. Basically, it not only looks like the real meat, but it also tastes like that! However, the food is still very simple as strong aromas are not allowed during the festival.

Tesegan Gin Je Festival is a Thai-Chinese tradition which is cultivated for already 150 years and it still catch the public attention as it is something brand new. Nevertheless, what makes this festival even more special than it already is, are the painted faces and amazing costumes of the characters that perform the Chinese Opera every single night during the festival on a stage super near the river. Although, the festival is at it’s extreme in Phuket the south of Thailand, but it is also popular among Bangkokians. Bangkokians never want to lose an opportunity to grab some awesome, delicious food.

Another unusual fact about this festival is that the rules require every visitor to be dressed from head to toe in a white clothes which is the only “not-so-colorful” thing in the entire festival.

All in all, this festival is something that not only for vegetarians but also for people who are food enthusiasts. It is super fun and exciting, yet at the same time it has a great purpose behind it and it could be very helpful for the health of many people. 

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