The Walking Dead Cafe – A MUST For the Fans!


Yeah, yeah, yeah… What you are thinking right now is totally true! This cafe has the same name as your favorite series with a reason… The reasons is obvious, isn’t it? It is because it’s based on the series itself – the mega-popular American TV series – The Walking Dead!

Assuming that you are fan of this super popular series then this cafe is a real MUST for you!

Not only that the ambiance and the decoration of this cafe is connected with the The Walking Dead TV series, but the menu also keeps up with it! Here you can find pink brain cupcakes, chocolate panna cotta grave, green toxic popcorn and even sausage-filled pretzel fingers served with bloody red pizza sauce! Okay, now this might sound kind of gross, but the reality is so not like that!

All these dishes are super delicious probably that you would even lick your fingers!
You could also order some of this dishes along with some drink that sticks with the theme of the series as well. Walkers Coffee, Zombie Blood, Passion of the Death and many other choices that will make you think at least one minute about which one you should choose.

This cafe is super fun, entertaining because the best thing about it is that here you could meet another people that share the same passion with you – The Walking Dead!

You could simply just go there, order some dish and drink and discuss with someone about the new episode from this series. Who knows, maybe you will meet a friend for life there or… even your soul mate! You end up meeting like-minded people over there.

Another great fun thing is that you could also have your own little masquerade and come there with a zombie mask on your face. That would be super fan and it is unlikely that ever in your life you will forget that moment, but still do not forget to take at least one picture for a more vivid memory!

So do not hesitate at all, just get in the car and go to The Walking Dead Cafe! Bring your friends with you and along with a bunch of The Walking Dead fans have a great time like never before!

This cafe is definitely worth your money and time, check it by yourself!



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