Where to Take Your Girlfriend for a Date in Bangkok?


There are many attractive and interesting places you can take your girlfriend for a date in Bangkok without having to close your bank account or put in RED. Highlighted and discussed below are 8 places, where you can take your GF for a date in the city of Bangkok at a very affordable rate.


Above Eleven

Above Eleven restaurant and bar is a cheap and exclusive place to take your girlfriend for a date in Bangkok for its second to none cocktails. Apart from the delicious dishes served in these restaurants, the ambiance and adornment will make you comfortable. Above Eleven Restaurant boasts of unrestrained types of restaurants that will offer you the best value for your money.


Al Majlis Tearoom

This is the right place to take your girlfriend on Friday night for atmospheric evening. This is an ideal place to discuss matters of interest with your loved one as you wine and dine together. There are many attractive things that make Al Majlis Tearoom a superb place to take your GF for a date in Bangkok, including sofa beds and the incomparable interior of the restaurant. Without doubt, your outing will be a wonderful and remarkable one.



Lake House Restaurant

This is another wonderful place that will offer you and your girlfriend a comfortable stay in the midst of remoteness. Lake House was once an ancient Thai building now restructured to a historical eatery, located in the outskirts of the city where privacy and security is guaranteed for visitors to the restaurant. With beautiful beaches surrounding the restaurant, you and your girlfriend will have somewhere to go for relaxation when the sun is very hot.


Orchid Café

Orchid Café sited in the center of Sukhumvit is another astonishing place for you and your girlfriend. With modern-day facilities and tan tantalizing dishes and drinks to support, you will enjoy your night. Irrespective of when you get to this restaurant, there is always something for you and your partner.


Quince Restaurant

Quince restaurant is your best bet if you are looking for luminosity, bright and fresh dishes that give room for sharing between you and your GF. There are different types of quality cocktail menus and wine that encourage conversation in Quince. Take your girlfriend to this place today and enjoy the incomparable food quality. This is ideally the best place to take your dinner.


Water Library

Whenever you are searching for the best place to take your girlfriend for a remarkable night out in Bangkok, Water Library should be the first on your list. This restaurant is recognized for its amazing treatment of its customer and the foremost in quality and tasty dishes. Apart from the tantalizing menus that complement your drink and fresh fruit, the design will surely inspire you to spend more time than you budgeted.

There are many options for you at this restaurant as you can explore, take some coffee or food. If your girlfriend is the reserved type, this is the best place for her.



Cabbages and Condoms

When looking for a quiet and second to none restaurant to take your girl friend in Bangkok, look no further than Cabbages and Condoms. This restaurant is not only for the locals, but also for the international visitors.

You and your girlfriend will have a wonderful dinning experience at Cabbages and Condoms restaurants, in view of the fact that it is well equipped with the latest facilities.



Shades of Retro in Thong Lor

Shades of Retro can host any type of event you can think of and it has a lot of sitting and standing areas. Shades of Retro is a place where you and your girlfriend are free to choose your choice from the wide varieties of drinks and cocktails.

This is a quiet place to relax with your girlfriend and even discuss matters of interest while the music is on.



Finally, you can also take your girlfriend to any of the restaurants in malls, depending on your budget. Fortunately, there are many Japanese restaurants in these malls will low rates that can accommodate your budget.


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