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White water Rafting is an all age activity in Chiang Mai and it is being sponsored by 8Adventures, who is the leading whitewater rafting company and the only rafting company licensed and recognized by the International Rafting Federation in Thailand. The management of 8Adventures is under two time Word Champion Kayaker Eric Southwick, Asian Champion Ekwit Chuapoon, and Thai National Champion Kriangsak Boonsom. These are international and efficient adventure aficionados that will offer you the best Rafting experience in the area. They offer much more than just the rafting trip but incorporate insight into the culture of the local people, flora and fauna in the area as well.

Apart from organizing quality and amazing Rafting trips on Mae Taen River, Adventures equally runs some other intercontinental tours to some of the most unique spots in the world. Sharing magnificent nature experiences, linking people to cultures, counties, and sharing their passion for the outdoor world and sport. If you so desire, you can take a whitewater Rafting tour in Chiang Mai or a different rafting tour of the whole world.

With 8Adventures rafting trips, your security is guaranteed! Using the best safety equipment posable US Coast Guard & UL approved life jackets and CE EN certified helmets from United States in combination with highly qualified guides you will look forward to white water rafting in Chiang mai.

Range of 8Adventures Rafting Trips

8Adventures provides a wide range of rafting trips and combination trips including, trekking + rafting, rafting and ATV + rafting for you to choose from. The 10 km is their most popular  in Mae Taeng river.

Rafting Trips Include

Rafting 10 Km

This rafting trip is of class III-IV segment of whitewater, and it is the most preferred type of rafting trip because it is thrilling, and stimulating. You will have value for your money on Raft 10 km rafting trip, particularly with the extraordinary drops with fantastic landscape.

Rafting 5 Km Class II-III

This is an ideal rafting tour for families who want to experience the wander down waterways near the flourishing forest canopy. You will even enjoy the trip more, when you combine it with trek or ATV.

Combining Raft Trip

There is opportunity for combination raft trip with 8Adventures in Chiang Mai. For instance the 10 km whitewater rafting tour can be merged with 3 hour ATV trip. This is a trip of more than 600 vertical meters of elevation. You will also raft another 10 km of class III-IV whitewater on the Mae Taeng River as soon as you come down or through with 10 km whitewater combined with 3-hour ATV trip.

The 10 km range of rafting trip is the autograph 8Adventures in Chiang Mai and it comprises of Class III-IV trips. You will experience brief 15 minute drive to Sop Kai village where you will be addressed on safety.

Dress Code for 8Adventure Rafting Trip

It is suggested that you wear quick drying shorts on swimsuit, in addition to sunscreen, athletic shoes, and dry set of clothes shoes or sandals. You must also carry your refillable water bottle along with you.


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