How to Survive Rain in Bangkok?


Rain often is considered to be somewhat romantic…..but only when you lay in your comfy bed drinking some tea and reading your favorite book or simply cuddling with the love of your life, but truth be told – rain is like a coin with two faces.

rainy season survival bangkok

Sometimes it can be very irritating and hard to deal with, especially during the Rainy Season here in Bangkok.

However, even though it might be hard to deal with, it still is not impossible.

Here are a few tips about how to survive the Rainy Season in Bangkok that hopefully will be very helpful for you:

1. Run!

Run as fast as you can when you see raindrops fall. Make sure you do not fall while you run – that’s the key to keep you dry. You can definitely run faster than the raindrops.

2. Wear Less Make-Up

Opt for a natural look on rainy days so that it’s not hard to clean up when you get wet in the rain. Also, make sure to carry your make up and use cream instead of powder because it blends much better than the powder.

3. Eat Noodles

This might sound strange but having warm and spicy Thai noodles is a great way to keep your body warm during the rainy season.

4. Nothing Beats a movie on a rainy day

If you are stuck somewhere then nothing beats a movie at central with some beer or wine. Cineplex’s are everywhere in Bangkok so spend some good time watching a movie instead of waiting for the rain to stop. Rain in Bangkok usually stops in an hour or so.

5. Invest your money in a good Umbrella

Well, perhaps this is the most obvious thing, but is not bad to remind you that you should always carry umbrella. Make sure that it is high quality and it won’t break easily and leave you exposed to the rain.

6. Wear Good Shoes

Many would advise you to wear some slippers so you wouldn’t ruin some good shoes and just wash your feet when you get home, but the truth is that it wouldn’t be so good for your health. Some people tend to say that all of the diseases come from the feet, so yeah – do wear good shoes so your feet wouldn’t be wet.

7. Put your Mobile Phone in Waterproof Case (Not for Samsung S7 users)

Even though you might take good care of your mobile phone you never can’t be sure that it wouldn’t fall on the street, get wet and along with that- get broken as well. That’s why buy some nice waterproof case and put it in there. It’s safer and you will feel more confident when you use your phone while it rains.

8. Buy a Hair Dryer

Regardless whether you carry an umbrella or not, sometimes you really can’t protect your hair from getting wet. That’s why the best thing would be for you to buy a Hair Dryer and get your hair dry everytime it gets wet – again – it’s good for your health.

9. Buy a Rain Coat / Jacket

As I already mentioned above, wearing an umbrella does work, but it couldn’t protect you completely so the best would be if you get yourself a rain jacket. That way your clothes wouldn’t get wet every time you go outside your house.

10. Do not Take a Taxi!

Survive rainy season inbangkok

Some of the first things when the rain catches you unprepared on the street is to take a taxi, but it would be a totally wrong move! Bangkok doesn’t move when it rains. It’s seems that the whole Bangkok is stuck and nothing moves when it rains.

11. Look for Shelters on the Street

Look out for places where you can wait for the rain to stop. This is usually the best way to survive the rain in Bangkok. Motorbikes usually wait under the bridges, underpasses for the rain to stop.

12. Take the Subway and Sky Train

Use sky trains and subways during the rainy season. This will keep you dry and safe from the outside havoc on the streets.

We hope this was helpful for you! Take care, but also enjoy the rain. After all, remember that life is not about waiting the storm to pass, but to learn dancing in the rain!







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