Naveed & Sonika Coaching, Coaching You Towards Your Infinite Potential


“What you give power to, has power over you”. Naveed and Sonika coach to give power to the right thoughts and leave behind the negative ones in order to get life changing results that will bring them to the life destination they crave to their infinite potential.

What exactly is Naveed & Sonika Coaching?

Naveed and Sonika do not call themselves life coaches, but rather mindset coaches. Naveed & Sonika Coaching is the first ever company in Thailand to be certified by Proctor Gallagher Institute. The company is owned by Bob Proctor, a man who has been a highly respected leader and a well known master in the personal development, leadership training and human potential industry for over 50 years.

Who are Naveed & Sonika?

Naveed Asif was born in Bangkok, Thailand and he is well known for his ability to listen people’s problems and later solve them. He is a certified mindset coach and a dynamic speaker. He was personally trained by America’s Greatest Prosperity Teacher – Bob Proctor, something that especially helped him to discover his deepest dream – to help others, locally and globally.

Sonika Madarasmi Asif was also born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand and what is interesting about her, is that she first worked many fashion jobs, but later she decided to quit all of them and dedicate herself to helping others improving their lives. She is a certified coach and professional speaker too personally trained by Bob Proctor, and is a Certified Facilitator for his material.

Naveed & Sonika Programs

Naveed and Sonika coaching has a number of programs for families, groups, companies and individuals. But to make things more beneficial for everyone who wants to improve their mind and life they not only teach locally but also internationally in person, over the phone and online.  Their passion for helping people fulfill their deepest dreams along with their professional knowledge and excellent listening skills help them convert people’s problems into solutions and positive life-changing results. Below are the programs offered by Naveed and Sonika coaching:

Remember, everything starts in the mind and if you have been there with your mind, you’ll be.







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