Beauty Inside Out!


The field of life coaching and success coaching is one that has boomed in recent years around the world and in a thriving metropolis like Bangkok with a population somewhere in the region of 10-12 million people, you’d be pretty safe in betting there’s at least a few life and success coaches out there. And there are.

Some focus on coaching in specific aspects, like financial goals, personal development, self esteem and beauty and health. Others can help their clients across a range of aspects.

Fancy enhancing your inner and outer beauty? There are coaches who specialize in exactly this, working from the inside out or the outside in – whichever way you want to look at it.

They can coach people regarding their self image, on beauty and health tips, and help those who may have low self esteem, or those who find themselves giving in to abuse because they consider themselves unworthy. They can often help those suffering from health issues and who find themselves non-productive in life.

“I can help people change their attitude by changing the root cause which could, for example, be the paradigm or old conditioning programmed in us by our environment like parents, teachers, school or friends since we were young. That’s why we are what we are today due to this programming and we achieve the same results over and over again”, says Ambika Madarasmi.

Ambika is a Bangkok-based success coach and professional makeup artist with some impressive credentials. She is a certified coach trained by consultants from the Proctor Gallagher Institute in the USA – a leading name in the personal development industry. She holds certification from the renowned Scandinavian Makeup Studio here in the Thai capital, with her makeup skills being in demand across a range of events from weddings to fashion shows to modelling shoots. She is also certified in holistic treatments by Suchada Marwah Centre now based in Chiangmai.

Thus Ambika is able to offer her services in the three distinct areas of success coaching or what she likes to call ‘mental makeup’, facial makeup and healthy skin care, whether it’s just one, two or all three areas a particular client is interested in.

In today’s world of increased toxins and pollution in the environment, her expertise in skin care and makeup – for example – can prove particularly beneficial. She can take clients through seminars on natural products which they can use in their daily beauty and health regime.





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