Top 6 Things You Should Know or Do If You Are Coming To Bangkok To Teach English


As it is often said, you really never know what the future holds for you. Sometimes you are planning one thing, but then occurs a whole another thing. No one really has control over the life. But if you have a degree in English language and literature or you hold a TEFL certificate then the possibility that you are going to teach in a foreign country is pretty high. Who knows, maybe you would even end up here in Bangkok and of course, you should be prepared for it.

Here are 6 top things that you should know/do before coming here in Bangkok or Thailand to teach English:

1. Plan your budget

Bangkok is a metropolis, so it would be a lie to say that life here is cheap because, obviously, it is not. That’s why you should plan your budget very well. The best thing about Bangkok is that you can live in a decent apartment in a Thai neighborhood or live in an expensive apartment in an expat community. Although, it’s always a good idea to blend with the Thai people during the first few months of your stay to get a good idea of their lifestyle.

The transport and the food could be a problem as well so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to chat with someone who lives in Bangkok.

2. Get to know some basic Thai phrases

Most of the population here in Thailand do know to speak English very well, but getting to know the basics of the Thai language would be a great a idea.
It would be a nice feeling when you could understand what the Thai people around you is talking about. Maybe in some occasions here and there you really would need to know a little bit Thai to make the things easier for your students as well. So sign up for some course or find some books or videos on YouTube which would help you with this issue.

3. Get familiar with the Thai culture

Thai culture is very unique and very different from the cultures from the rest of the world, especially the Western world.
There are traditions and manners which are consider to be abnormal or offending for the Thai people even though in the country where you are living that’s the most normal and usual thing in the world!

Your students might get the wrong impression of you if you do something that is inappropriate in their culture and you wouldn’t like it, would you?
That’s why before you come here to teach English, you should first learn about the Thai culture or find some books which will give you the idea what would be good and what would be inappropriate here in the Thai society.

4. Get phone Skype number from your country

Yes, getting phone Skype number from your country is also very important. That way you could be able to contact your beloved ones anytime you want. Nostalgia is something that not a single person is immune of, so do not forget this part at all!

5. Take clothes and shoes

This might sound a little bit funny since there are a lot of shopping malls here in Bangkok, but in case you are a person who wears larger size of clothes and shoes it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a lot of clothes and shoes.  So make sure to take a lot of clothes and shoes so you wouldn’t have a problem with this later on.

6. Lots of patience

Patience with an open mind is key in Thailand and slowly you will start to getting used to the Thai lifestyle. Thais have a pretty laid back culture and lifetsyle so make sure you have an open mind to accept many things that you will come across during your stay.





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