Achieve Your Fitness Goals – Meet Combat 360X in Khao Lak


Fitness and healthy way of living has become one of the most popular passion among the world’s population in the last two decades.¬†Everyone tries their best to look better, live healthier or perhaps improve their skills in a certain sport that they adore, however some of them need a hand in that because they are simply not able to achieve their goals by themselves.

Located in the beautiful town of Khao Lak Combat 360X Thailand has MMA, Muay Thai and Fitness Camp.

This camp is for everyone who likes different types of sports such as: Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, Fitness/Cross Training and Yoga, but also there is supplement and equipment shop.
The goal of Combat 360X is to help sports enthusiasts reach their own goals such as: improving fitness techniques or lose weight and get the shape they have been dreaming for so long.

Each one of the trainers,who are part of the team of Combat 360X, are fully qualified in specific fields including: various combat sports, athletics and bodybuilding.

The team members at Combat 360X includes a UFC fight veteran coach, a former bodybuilding champion, multiple Muay Thai Champions and a Yoga instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience.

All the trainers are ready to provide their clients maximum of their own knowledge, techniques and help them achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

All in all, Combat 360X has everything one fitness camp is meant to have in order to provide their clients super high quality training when it comes to fitness, weight loss, MMA or Thai Boxing/ Muay Thai . It is perhaps one of the best fitness camps in entire Thailand judged by the high results and many satisfied customers.

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