Emojis Just Right For Thailand


Emojis We’d Love To See In Thailand

In Thailand we like a good Facebook, Line or Messenger chat as much as the next country.

So how about a suite of emojis that’s ideal for Thailand? Here’s our pick…

1. Sawasdee Khap/Kha

When you would use it: Pretty much at the start of any chat or SMS, given that Sawasdee Khap (male) or Sawasdee Kha (female) is the normal greeting or hello in Thai. And it makes a great opener when you’re simply too lazy to type ‘Hello’.

2. The Wai

When you would use it: Whenever your online discussion may call for a more formal greeting or you want to show your appreciation/understanding of traditional Thai society ways. This emoji can also be used to show thanks, gratitude or respect.

3. Gin Kow Yang?

When you would use it: Translating as it does to “Have you eaten yet?”, there’s the obvious application of this emoji… when you want to ask someone if they’ve eaten yet. But perhaps more so as an add-on to your Sawasdee Khap/Kha emoji, as Thais often greet each other with this saying.

4. Bai Gin Kow Mai?

When you would use it: When you want to ask someone if they would like to go and eat, because that’s what this means. It’s also a nice, casual way to ask that certain someone you fancy out on a date.

5. On The Way…

When you would use it: Live in Bangkok long enough and you’ll appreciate the wide scope of application for this particular emoji. It can mean you’ll be where you’re supposed to be in anywhere from 10 minutes to three hours.

6. One Size Fits All

When you would use it: Open an online shop selling clothing and you can post this all over your web page. Because in Thailand, one size fits all. Supposedly. It’s what we also like to call free size.

7. Bah!

When you would use it: ‘Bah’ essentially means ‘Crazy’. Use it as a fun remark to someone’s joke, or to show indignation at a comment/post you find disagreeable or offensive. And for anything in between. It all depends on the situation.

8. Alai Wah!

When you would use it: This is kinda the Thai version of WTF, and again it can be used to express a range of reactions/responses from funny to angry. In much the same way as you would use WTF.

9. Pak Wan

When you would use it: Roughly translated, this means ‘Sweet Mouth’ or a sweet talker. Use it when you want to say… well, something like “Oh you are a sweet talker, aren’t you?”

10. Hang…

When you would use it: The morning after an absolute blinder of a nite out on the town and you’ve got a raging hangover. In case you haven’t guessed it, hang is a Thai adaptation of hangover. Makes perfect sense really. But we don’t recommend using this particular emoji when you’re explaining to your boss why you won’t be at work today.

11. Lawhn!

When you would use it: Just about every day of the year, at just about any time of the day.Because let’s face it, the weather in Thailand throughout the year can pretty safely be classified as hot, hotter and hottest. We would have included an emoji for now or cold but this might qualify for least-used moji of all time… in Bangkok anyway.

12. Jah eh

When you would use it: Any time you feel a fun ‘Peek a Boo!” is in order. Yep, Jah eh means peek a boo.






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