Jjang – Where the Korean Spirit Could be Smelt in the Air


“Jjang” is a Korean word which means “the best”. However, Jjang in Bangkok is more than just a word, it is one of the best Korean restaurants and is located in Siam Square.

Just like the name, the dishes that are offered in this restaurant are definitely the best! You could find the super delicious jjimdak (braised chicken with vegetables and glass noodles),the jumokbap (rice ball with carrots, mushrooms and seaweed), the jjukkumi bokkeum (stir-fried baby octopus with Gochujang fermented sauce), kimchi jjigae also known as kimchi soup, mandu also known as deep-fried gyoza and much, much more.

Jjang is a restaurant where the Korean spirit could be smelt in the air and it is a definite must for everyone who is somehow connected with Korea or perhaps, just wants to taste something new, something different than the everyday dishes which are being eaten daily in Bangkok.

The drink and dessert menu is also super large, in order to increase the joy of the customers.
However, even though the dishes are definitely what mostly attracts customer to this Korean restaurant, there are other things that should be considered.

The nice décor and super relaxing atmosphere should also be considered if you are looking for a joyful and remarkable experience with the people you love. The nice staff who are always very friendly, but yet very professional and their great service are also guarantee for that.

So open your notebook and write down Jjang on your list for restaurants that you must to check out in Bangkok, you definitely wouldn’t regret it.

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