Meet Gelato by Aom and Pancake Cafe!

In case you want to have a wonderful Italian experience in Bangkok, then Gelato by Aom is definitely something you should try. For those who know to speak at least just a bit Italian, everything is super clear what Gelato by Aom is, but for those who don’t – Gelato by Aom is an ice cream / dessert shop where you are can try the best Italian ice cream & desserts.

Gelato by Aom constantly comes up with new flavors and one such example is the milk based ice-cream with chocolate flakes.

Fudge Chunk Chip, Stracciatella, Pistacchio, Homemade Roselle (served with Rock Ice and Soda) and, much more! Make sure to try it all! 😉

Phone: +66 86 533 5620
Address: 8/11 Nang linchi road, Tungmahamek, Bangkok, Thailand










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