New Bars & Restaurants in Bangkok to Check Out This January


Bangkok could proudly say that there are bars throughout Bangkok that are unique in its own way. There is a bar for everyone’s taste. They want something fresh, something different, something new.

So to beat up the monotony (even though the old bars are also amazing), here are new bars in Bangkok that you could also check out in the first month of 2016:

1. Organika (Restaurant)

One floor of the brand Organika is dedicated to spa, but the top floor is a place where you could find healthy food such as: hearty chicken garden salad, backyard garden carrot salad, but also sweet things like organic chia yogurt pudding, apple crumble on strudel crust, tea sets served with housemade scones, Danish and sweets. It is a place which is a real paradise for the lovers of the healthy food and healthy lifestyle because beside the fact that all the foods there are made by healthy and fresh ingredients, but are also very tasty. The place is also great for having a nice relaxing time with your beloved ones.

Location: Organika, 6/F, Piman 49, Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-665-1899

2. Pop@Bad (Bar)

Pop@Bad is placed on the fourth floor of Badmotel and it is a vibrant and colorful bar where mostly is played hip-hop and old school R’n’B and some live acoustic sets in some particular days of the week. Drinks such as: Singha on tap and Jameson by bottle are fuss-free and super affordable.

Location: Pop@Bad, 4/F, Badmotel, 331/4-5 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor), Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-712-7288

3. Guss Damn Good (Ice Cream Parlor)

Guss Damn Good is a place where you are able to find, perhaps, the best ice cream in entire Bangkok.
Its co-owner, Rarin Tumwattana, uses her knowledge of Boston ice cream culture along with natural and fresh ingredients in order to make tasty ice cream like you have never tried in your life. Some of the most popular ice creams in Guss Damn Good are:

  • Kuppa espresso
  • Don’t give up #18
  • Why Can’t Coffee be White?

The best thing is that you could also order the ice cream online!

Location: Kuppadeli, Centerpoint of Siam Square, 4th fl – BTS, Siam Station, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: +66 81 915 8111

4. 722 Craft Experience (Bar & Restaurant)

722 Craft Experience is located on the rooftop garden at Paradise Sukhumvit Hotel where you could find even 12 different taps of beer such as: Singha, Hoegaarden, Stone IPA, Stone Delicious IPA and also cocktails and American comfort dishes, all served beside the pool. Sounds super relaxing, right? Well it really is.

In 722 Craft Experience you would also be served with super delicious food such: chicken wings, ribs, quesadillas etc. from the BBQ Sandwich King Restaurant, partner of 722 Craft Experience. There are also Djs who play old school R’n’B, electro pop and in some days of the week also live performances by some bands.

Oh and to keep things interesting, the bartender also has some knowledge of flaming shots and customized drinks. 😉

Location: 722 Craft Experience, 9/F, Paradise Sukhumvit Hotel, Ekkamai Soi 12 (Soi Preedee 31), Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 093-426-3591

5. Dusk Thonglor (Bar & Restaurant)

Dusk Thonglor is a bar which its main focus is on craft cocktails using super delicious and fresh seasonal ingredients of which the most popular one is Dusk Rosito which consists pomegranate, cucumber, fresh jasmine, lime juice and syrup.

For the lovers of the draught beers there are : Hoegaarden and Asahi.

When it comes to the food, you would be served with Thai and Isaan Dishes. In case you want something unique, the bartender could make sure you to get a customized drink only for you.

Location: Dusk Thonglor, Thonglor Soi 13, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 096-860-7690

6. Top Knot (Italian Restaurant & Bar)

Top Knot is a rooftop bar located on the eight floor which offers you a breath-taking view of the river. Here you could get a super delicious barbecue which along with the pasta are the main specialties in this bar. As for the drinks, Top Knot serves local and imported beers which come by the bottle, each one of them giving you a whole new experience.
Top Knot is a place which is super cozy, with extremely nice décor and professional stuff. You should definitely take a look at it.

Location: Top Knot, 8-9/F, Hotel Once Bangkok, 2074/99 Charoen Krung Soi 72/2, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-688-2596






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