Bangkok Joins Le Diner en Blanc


Le Diner en Blanc is an event which is 27 years old and was founded by Francois Pasquier in Paris. The concept of this unique event is about thousands of people dressed in elegant white clothes with fine wine and food will set up their tables and chairs on a public place and have dinner together.

The most exciting thing about this event is that all those people have no idea where they are going to set up the tables until the last minute when the leader come and leads them to some of the most public places in the city.

Of course, the place would be free of cars and pedestrian traffic so the people could enjoy the amazing view in front of them. The interesting thing is that the invitations will be spread by word of mouth in order to make the things more exciting and full of mystery.

Ever since this event was invented, 27 years ago, it is being repeated like a tradition in Paris, until 3 years ago, the tradition changed its concept and decided to conquer the entire world. Le Diner en Blanc recently decided to conquer Bangkok as well!

This event is something that offers unforgettable experience full of super delicious food, elegance and mystery. Make sure to be there with the people you love and have fun to the point that you will never forget!

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