Explore Bangkok in a Super Unique Way


Bangkok is a city where there is so much to be seen and so much to experience. There are so many landmarks, so many remarkable places and if they are experienced in a special way then they would be even stronger than usual. Follow Me Bangkok Bicycle Tour gives you a unique experience to discover and explore Bangkok’s beauty while you are riding bicycle surrounded by people who share the same love for Bangkok.

Follow Me Bangkok Bicycle Tour is like a small family of happy faces with desire to discover Bangkok’s hidden side which is breathtaking. This unique experience will awake all your senses because you will not only see beautiful and remarkable scenes of Bangkok, but also hear fun facts by the local guide and enjoy local snacks.

Follow Me Bike Tour take small groups in order to ensure the safety of each one of their customers, guided by professional guide who wants nothing but to share their passion for Bangkok with everyone who wants to join their tours.

They like to explore different parts of Bangkok such as:

  • Siam Boran: Historical tour of Bangkok
  • Siam Sawan: Bangkok’s jungle tour
  • Siam Ratree: Bangkok at night
  • Siam Chiva: Food tasting bike tour

Each one of the tours include a free Follow Me cap and a free link to download the tour pictures taken by the guides. In addition, you could also enjoy a free fish foot spa and cold drinks in their beautiful shaded green garden which is located in the heart of Bangkok.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FollowMeTours
Website: http://www.followmebiketour.com/








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