Kalayanee Yimsiri A Vegan Fighter


Bangkok Expat Life team recently interviewed Kalayanee Yimisiri A.K.A “The vegan warrior” who is a member of BIVA (Bangkok Veg Global Community). A mother of three who owns a famous vegan bakery called Veganarie in Chidlom and a new branch beside Benjasiri park near Emporium mall calls her a Vegan Warrior. We asked her questions on being vegan and her role in spreading veganism all throughout Thailand.

How would you introduce yourself?

When talking about being a vegan, Kalayanee Yimisiri refers to herself as a “fighter” as she feels choosing to be a vegan is like fighting against the cruelty of animals when getting slaughtered.

Our next question was about how can you be so passionate about being vegan at this age and what drives you.

What makes you so passionate about being vegan?

Kalayanee Yimsiri: “The idea of not killing animals and making this earth a beautiful place makes me passionate. I was a cruel person and a meat eater for many years. I converted into a vegan 6 years ago. It started when I had some Chinese channels on TV and I used to watch them while flipping through channels, but one day I came across a channel with Master Ching Hai (a spiritual teacher) preaching about not killing animals and how it would affect the earth and cause disasters”. At first, she didn’t believe it but she gradually started to listen more and started thinking what Master Ching Hai was saying. It was then that she decided to become a vegan and to spread the message in a positive way. ”

How do you spread your message to others?

Kalayanee Yimisiri: “Whenever I’m in a taxi or at a party, I will introduce the topic into the conversation by talking about food and the health benefits of being a vegan.”

Have you ever been contacted by meat lovers and ever come across anyone who hates you because of your your belief in veganism?

No, I have never come across anyone like this. I love everyone. All my friends eat meat and I love to go out with them to parties and dinner functions. They always make sure that they have vegan food for me. I do not isolate myself, but I talk to people about being a vegan. I believe that people do not want to think about it anymore, hence they kill animals for the sake of taste.” Furthermore, she believes that communication is important to spread the message across to people. People do not want to harm animals so I need to teach them about this.

Do you think that you would look or have a different personality if would have continued to consume meat?

To this she quickly reached to her bag and took out her iPhone and pulling out the pictures of herself and her friends. She asks us “What do you think?”. She believes all this has brought a positive vibe in her which reflects her personality and body. She feels healthier, fresh and active.

We broke some tension by asking her questions and asked her easy questions after this.

Who’s the chef in your house?

Kalayanee Yimisiri: “I am the chef. I like to make food for my kids and her daughter and son are also vegans.”

If you have to recommend your favorite vegan restaurants to our readers which one are they?
Kalayanee Yimisiri: “Bonita in Pan Road, Broccoli Revolution in Thong Lor and The Loving Hut in Rama 3, Raminthra and Nonthaburi. It’s in other countries too.”

Kalayanee Yimisiri continues to spread the message by carrying a small globe in her bag as she never knows when she has the opportunity to explain her theory on veganism and how it impacts the world.







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