Steak And Fine Wine At The Grill


The finest quality steaks and grilled meat are expertly prepared and served to diners relaxing in the comfort of the prestigious restaurant The Grill. Wine Connection The Grill at the Groove, Central World is the newly opened flagship restaurant. The beefs from the signature grill menu are imported from different countries such as Japan, USA and Australia and are aged in our dry-aging cellar. You can enjoy the best quality meat and wine at the most competitive prices.

The restaurant takes into account the personal preferences of the diners and understand the origin of the steak which is the key to the success and satisfaction of the diners. On their large menu your eyes would be able to spot steaks from the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

In addition, the steak could be combined with dishes like: fries with truffle aioli, eggplants parmigiana, bearnaise, barbecue, green peppercorn etc. When it comes to the wine, The Grill offers the regular Wine Connection menu, but also selection fine which starts at B100 by the glass.

All in all, The Grill is a super affordable, nicely decorated steakhouse where the air always smells on a super delicious food and smiles are always drew on their stuff’s faces.
The ambiance is always joyful which makes The Grill a perfect place to go for a lunch with the people you like to be surrounded with.

Location: Groove, 999/9 Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-613-1036









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