How to Win the Struggle with Dengue Fever in Thailand?


Asia is the continent that has the most cases with dengue – 67 millions of people are infected every year. Last year, Thailand had 140, 000 cases and the researches predict that 2016 would be also a bad one when it comes to dengue fever. People who live in Thailand probably know very well what dengue is.

So what is dengue?

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by dengue virus that sometimes could be deadly. It is known to be the world’s fastest- spreading tropical disease (it is especially contagious during the monsoons) and every year it increases more and more.

The symptoms of this disease could appear from 4 to the 10 days after the victim has been infected and they could be: high fever, headaches, a rash, muscle, bone and joint pain, nausea and/or vomiting, pain behind the eyes, bleeding from the gums or nose etc.

How do I know I have dengue fever?

  1. I have fever higher than when I have a cold (39-40C).
  2. I have muscle and bone pain.
  3. I have a runny nose , sore throat and I’m constantly coughing.
  4. Sometimes my nose and mouth are bleeding.
  5. I have a constant headache.
  6. I’m vomiting often and I have diarrhea.
  7. I have a rash of bumps.

So how could you prevent or protect yourself from dengue fever?

  • Wear protective clothing – No matter how warm outside is, try to cover up your arms and legs with some clothes whenever you go out at night.
  • Buy mosquito repellent – The best thing about repellent is that it could be applied everywhere – your skin, clothes, shoes etc. Make sure to buy one and use it. It is recommended to use repellent that contains at least 10% concentration of DEET for your skin.
  • Organize your schedule when it comes to outdoor activities and try to avoid being out when mosquitoes are out as well!
  • Try to stay in air-conditioned housing especially at night, that is very important when it comes to keeping mosquitoes away from you.
  • Try to reduce mosquito habitat – those mosquitoes that spread the dengue disease are the ones that live in and around houses so you are able to reduce mosquito breeding by using some sprays which are able to destroy them and that way you will reduce their habitat.






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