Dine In The Dark – “Switch Off The Light, Switch On Your Senses”


Dine in the Dark is a restaurant in Bangkok, located on the ground floor of Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel at Asok BTS where people could experience a whole new level of uniqueness. The reason why this restaurant is totally different from the rest is because you enjoy the meal in a complete darkness. Even the watches and mobile phones are stored outside which means that you spend time only with your loved one.

Their staff is well trained to provide the service in complete darkness. On the menu there are Asian, Western, Vegetarian and Surprise four-course – that’s all the information you get when you have to order your food which is before you get in dark room. However, the food is prepared by very skilled chefs responsible for the high quality food.

All in all, Dine in the Dark is a place where you could go when you are in the mood to experience something new and unforgettable because even though you lose your vision, your other senses would be stronger than ever which means that the intensity of the whole experience would be pretty high.

Website: http://www.dineinthedarkbangkok.com








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