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Elefin coffee is a Thai coffee brand which was first established in 2006 by Khun Somboon Chayavichitsilp. In March 2016, to celebrate their tenth year anniversary, a new branch was opened next to Wat Poh. This is in addition to their existing coffee shops at Museum Siam and Hansar Bangkok Hotel in Rajdamri.

Slowly this brand is spreading around Bangkok which clearly speaks about how successful it actually is. Perhaps the secret behind their success is their coffee beans which are sourced from a region in Thailand called “Elephant Mountain” or also known as “Doi Chang” which is the reason the main reason why the white elephant is the symbol of their logo.
When it comes to their menu, most of their coffees are the well known classic ones, deliciously brewed from an espresso machine. The main aim of Elefin cafe is to serve the highest quality of Thai Arabica coffee and to proudly share Thai-grown and roasted coffee with locals and foreigners.

Apart from coffee, breakfast is also available in all styles including Chinese-Thai, Continental and American. While you are waiting for the main meal which could be some kind of Western dish or Thai dish, you could also enjoy different snacks, noodles and soups. To end the whole experience, don’t forget to indulge in delicious desserts such as Mango Sticky Rice, Bua Loy and Coconut Ice Cream Sundae.

For people who are interested in learning more about coffee, Elefin is offering free workshops throughout the month.

For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/elefincoffee



March 5th, 2016, 11 am to 12 pm – “Latte Art” – In this hands-on workshop, you could learn how to create micro-foam and practice steaming milk and pouring latte art, such as hearts and rosettas thanks to their instructors Brandie Hardman, Van Ralston.

March 12th, 2016, 11 am to 12 pm – “Intro to Espresso” – Here you will learn about espresso extraction, see various demonstrations of espresso preparation technique to learn how trained baristas control brew variables. The events would be lead by the instructs. Brandie Hardman, Van Ralston.


March 19th, 2016, 11 am to 12 pm – Coffee Cupping – Coffee cupping is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. In this special coffee cupping session, Ed Leebrick will guide the attendees through observing and tasting the differences between Thai-grown Arabica coffee and coffee from other destinations around the world.

The best thing is that all these events which are in partnership with Lighthouse Roasters of Seattle, WA USA are for free and open for the public, but the reservation should be made in advance.

Location: 394 / 1 – 2 Maharaj Road, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand 10200
Location: 4 Sanam Chai Road, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand 10200
Location: 3/250 Mahadlekluang 2, Ratchadamri Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10330

Facebook: facebook.com/elefincoffee
Instagram: instagram.com/elefincoffee






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