What To Expect From Bangkok The First Month


Moving to a new city is always going to be a challenge. The challenge is going to be that much greater when you come from a thousand miles away, don’t speak the language and aren’t familiar with the culture. Bangkok now has a reputation of being an up and coming mega city. With good weather, great food and mix between old and modern, it has become a huge expat hub. The city is incredible once you navigate the first few weeks of living here. These are some of the biggest challenges most face in the first month of living in Bangkok and how to overcome them.

New Friends and Networking

Its tough leaving old friends, but with wifi everywhere and social media it’s pretty easy to stay in contact these days. Using the internet and social media is also the best way to make new friends in Bangkok. There are loads of Facebook groups, online social boards and events geared towards expats that make it simple to network and find people with similar hobbies, professions and interests. The social scene in Bangkok is amazing and finding new friends doesn’t take long. You never have to look far to find something going on.


One of the biggest challenges moving here is choosing an area to live in and finding a place in that area. If you’re not sure about the length of your stay in the city it is best to find a short term contract. Three, six and twelve month leases are the most common. Signing a longer contract will usually cost less monthly than a short term one. Some of the most vibrant, exciting and fun areas with shopping, great food and a perfect locals to expats ratio in BKK are Sukhumvit, Thonglor, Silom.

Culture Shock

Maybe you’ve visited Thailand before but visiting and living in are two completely separate things. So when first arriving in BKK, the language, climate and chaos of the streets will likely be in your face. Learning a few basic phrases in Thai goes a long way in helping day to day life. Thai people are always impressed and pleased when a foreigner knows a few words in the local language. The heat and humidity is something that every expat struggles with. The advantage is being able to wear shorts and flip flops out everyday. Fortunately, nearly everywhere in the city as AC if you need or want to dress more business/casual.

There certainly is a chaos to Bangkok but with time you’ll discover the city has a pulse, you just need to find the rhythm of it. Once you do, it’s such a world class city.







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