Meet the World of Fashion in Bangkok


Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Bangkok International Leather Fair 2016 is an event which started 34 years ago and it is still very popular to this day. Bangkok International Fashion Fair is consists of a number of product groups such as:

  • Clothing accessories
  • Textiles
  • Garments
  • Fibers & Yarns
  • Fashion machinery & chemicals and so on

The Bangkok International Leather Fair’s product groups are:

Leather products
Sport bags and many other things related to leather.

The fairs comprise 4 exhibition zones: the urban, the casual, the source and the heritage.

The Urban zone is about Thailand’s fashion brands which offers classic leather products, fashion accessories for formal events, formal & business attire, fine lingerie etc.

The Casual zone is totally the opposite of the first one and is more focused to the youth because it offers very casual wear including sports & outdoor wear, children’s wear, sports lingerie, fashion accessories for casual events and much more!

The Source zone is about all the materials used in the products such as: textile, fibers & yarns, leather machinery & chemicals, fashion machinery & chemicals and so on.

The Heritage zone is focused on super unique products made from unique materials using unique techniques.
Visitor groups are also divided into: trade days and public days.

Trade days are dedicated to retailers, department stores, buying agents, manufacturers, designers and trending companies while public days are for local retailers, foreign tourists and consumers.

All in all, this event is for all those fashion addicts around Bangkok who are willing to know about the latest trends.
In addition, there also will be special events such as: fashion shows, seminars & conferences, trend forum, designer’s room and much, much more.

Make sure to be there and feel the world of fashion with all its intensity.

Date: March 9,2016 -March 11, 2016







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