Songkran: Watch What You Wear


It’s likely going to be another hot season for Songkran this year. Maybe not as hot as some would like though. In an effort to hinder the display of sexuality and to protect the Lanna culture during the national water festival, officials in Chang Mai have announced they are cracking down on scantily dressed festival goers.

X- ray pants, a risque item of clothing that has been marketed online is being banned in public during the festivals events. The worry is that people will wear the X-ray pants with no other clothing, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

The officials say sporting these see through bottoms or any sexy displays from either men or women will face prosecution.

If any of the cities party stages begin to get ‘too sexy’ officials won’t hesitate to shut them down.

The city is encouraging folks to wear traditional or normal attire to the festivals events.

So, if you’ve already gone ahead and bought a pair of x-ray pants for Songkran this year, it may be best to just save them for the bedroom.


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