Stunning View – Partial Solar Eclipse in Thailand On March 9


People since always have been impressed by solar eclipses. There is something impressive and magical in watching such a beautiful phenomena. Thailand will be covered in darkness of Partial Solar Eclipse on March 9. People in Thailand will have an opportunity to see something that happens once in many years – partial solar eclipse.

It will start shortly after sunrise with the moon set to obscure the sun by 40% from 7:26 am till 9:00 am.

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand will have some gathering at Benjakiti Park from 6:00 am  till 10:00 am. People will be given the chance to people to see such an unusual view through their special tools as it is harmful for the eyes without it. The authorities has reminded the citizens to wear glasses or prepare X-ray films.

The next time partial solar eclipse will occur in Thailand in 2019 and total solar eclipse in 2070. So you better don’t miss it!







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