Thailand’s Future Relations With Mr. Trump


With the increasingly grim and likely chance that Donald Trump will be the frontrunner of the Republican party, everyone is beginning to wonder if he may actually become leader of the United States. The world is now watching the electoral race to see how it will affect American foreign relations all around the globe.

Trump isn’t shy to blurt out his feelings and opinions on nationalities and ethnicities, often based solely on offensive stereotypes. During his campaign, he has offended religious groups, minorities and citizens of multiple nationalities.

As someone who is residing in Bangkok, it will be interesting to see how it may affect the United States and Thailand relationship. Whether it would have an impact on American tourists visiting the country or American Expats living in Thailand. With nowhere being safe from the wrath of his delusional opinions and policies here’s a look at what could be some of the worst case scenarios if he became the next President of the United States of America.


Other than knowing that Mexico is below the United States Mr. Trump doesn’t seem to have a superior knowledge of geography. If you were to ask him which countries Thailand bordered it’d be interesting to know if he could name just one. Let’s say he could tell us that it was in South East Asia, he would likely then associate the region with a low GDP, low-class workforce and a developing economy who he’d have no desire or need to do business with. Hopefully he’s obvious to Thailand’s retail industry and the success of American/Japanese businesses like 7-11 here.


Since he’s good at taking mostly false and often negative information about countries and its people, it wouldn’t be that much of stretch to say that he’d believe and comment on the worst about Thailand. Starting with the countries taboo sex tourism. If Trump was president it wouldn’t be ludicrous to think he might, in fact, try to charge a sex tax or mandatory STI check on people returning from Thailand.

Global Outreach

One thing that certainly isn’t going to deflate if he becomes president is his ego. As if his head wasn’t big enough as a ‘celebrity’ businessman, if he becomes a world leader his head well could just implode. He will want to make his presence as a leader known to the world and what better way than building a huge ass tower. After finishing his wall in Mexico, why wouldn’t he expand his architectural empire to the land of smiles. Having built his towers all around North America, it could be his time to build the tallest tower in Thailand’s mega-city. He could have the top of the tower shaped like his signature haircut to remind bangkokians who built the city’s biggest tower.

Of course, it’s unlikely any of this will happen and Thailand won’t even be a thought in his backward agenda, but whether you are a big fan of the man that is going to “make America great again” or you believe we are all doomed if he is the next elected president the one thing that is certain is we are all in for a circus act in the upcoming months.







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