The Simple Guide To Surviving Summer In Bangkok


The heat is coming. Summer in Bangkok hits most people like a karate kick to the head, leaving them dizzy, disoriented and just generally not feeling very good. But over time, the people have learned some coping methods and cunning ways to dodge summer’s kick of hot air to the face. So whether you are new to the beating of summer or have endured it plenty of times, here are the ways you are going to want to fight back this season.

Firstly – you are going to want to start by complaining. Complain a lot, make sure everyone knows how much you don’t like being outside for five minutes and having to change your shirt three times a day. It’s fine, you’ll find that you are not the only person complaining either. Fast friendships have been bonded through the common dismay of Bangkok’s summer weather.

Secondly – you are going to want to take two consecutive showers in a row. One with the luke-warm water out of your shower head and the second in cooling powder.

Thirdly – Embrace Songkran. The heat will really be throwing vengeance by this point so take advantage of the water festival celebrated all throughout the country. Getting soaked while walking down the street has two advantages. 1) You’ll be cooled down 2) No one will know if you are sweating profusely or if you got hit with a water bomb. 

Fourthly – you are going to want to put ice in everything. In your clothes, your beer, your soup, under your hat. If there’s a place to stash ice that will even remotely cool you down. Do it.

Lastly – to stop the ice from melting and also because it is just painful, you will want to stay out of the sun. If you are not in or nearby a pool, you NEVER want to be in direct sunlight! You will find that sometimes you resemble a child in a playground pretending to avoid hot lava – embrace it.

If you are new you may notice a lot of umbrellas out during the summer. Not because it’s going to rain but because a personal shade device is necessary.

And the best way to avoid sunlight all together is by transforming into a nocturnal being. Sleep on the BTS, in your office or in a mall during the day and when the sun is gone and it’s safe to go outside, begin living again.



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