Twist Sport Conditioning Center Bangkok – Hottest Training Trends


Fitness and nutrition has become not only part of people’s daily life, but more like people’s lifestyle. More and more people decided to live their lives constantly practicing fitness and consuming nutritious food in order to be healthy and fit. Twist Bangkok is an internationally popular fitness brand which has a whole new concept of training that focuses on strength, balance, agility, power, coordination, speed which is adapted for all fitness levels and ages. Twist creates new exercise styles and smart muscle training that builds up the core body strength.

Twist Bangkok team consists of professional fitness trainers who provide personalized challenging programs for everyone who is willing to make a step forward towards their fitness goals. This program was established by Peter Twist who has a vision of creating a functional fitness training paradigm.

In addition, they also have created their own nutrition products called as The Twist Total Performance Nutrition products. The goal is to teach people to apply a more comprehensive approach to training and eating. The meal plans are based on people’s personal food preferences and individual needs. If you are willing to improve the quality of your life and start living healthier than before, make sure to join Twist Bangkok.









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