10 Things We Miss From Home As An Expat In Thailand


Thailand has come a long way in the last 10, even 5 years. Specialty items and comforts have been introduced by foreigners living here and people are quick to capitalize on the demand westerners have for their favourite items from back home. I mean, we can’t even complain about not having Netflix anymore! So while it is improving there are still a few things we can moan about not being able to get, or just not being the quality that it is back home.


This has to be the most common frustration. Not being able to find your favourite beauty product from back home. Everyone has that shampoo they love or the “only hair product that doesn’t make my hair look like I’m from the 80’s” or the “only deodorant that doesn’t give me a rash.” Everybody who moves here has at least one toiletry item they love from back home and just can not find it here.


Most people here eat out but we still like to have a stock of our favorite condiments at home to put on pizza, pasta or whatever from time to time. Staples like ketchup (that doesn’t taste like tomato syrup) ranch dressing, Sriracha and mayonnaise are a bit tough to find.


The simplicity of grabbing a cold one at any convenience store is great, but where is the variety? Sure you can find the staple exports like Heineken and Guinness pretty readily but when it comes to basically any other beer – where are they? No Corona, no Budweiser? If you are trying to find the beers in Thailand that you miss from back home it’s probably easier to fly home and grab them than it is to search the country for it.


It’s just not the same here. Rubbery and flavorless. Finding any good cheese is way overpriced and it just isn’t same either.


You can’t have cheese without wine can you, and Thailand knows it. Finding a good wine is just as difficult to find as a good cheese. The selection of wines is pretty limited and any wines that are in the supermarkets or liquor stores is extremely over priced.


This depends on how much of a burger snob you are, but let’s just admit it, we are all yuppies when it comes to a good burger in Thailand. Part of the reason it’s hard to find a good burger is because the struggle to find cheese and mince beef. The biggest downfall to a burger here though is the bun. Sweet bread that isn’t as soft as we’d like it to be will just never make the cut on a ‘Great’ burger.

Sports TV

Just a nightmare really, although the Brits, Europeans and Aussies have done a much better job than the North Americans. If you want to watch EPL or Aussie Ruby you don’t really have much to complain about but if you watch NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB – life is hard. Advanced planning is necessary for watching any sporting event from back home. Calling bars, checking facebook groups, researching online, it’s a lot of work.

Clothes (sizes)

Trying to by local clothes from Thai store shelves is not likely going to happen unless you have a Thai frame. So roughly one percent of expats. The clothes made and designed in Thailand and Asia just weren’t meant to fit well on a Westerners body.Thankfully, many of our clothing favourite chains have been flooding into the Thai market. Recently everyone’s fave apparel stores can be found in most of the big malls around the cities. This was sort of necessary in order for foreigners to be able to dress themselves with new threads when coming to Thailand.


Thailand has maybe one or two spectacular lakes but they just don’t compare with the beautiful, rock cut lakes with cool, refreshing water we get back home. Here most of the lakes are like sloughs, filled with hot, dirty water.

The Sound of a Horn

No, a traffic jam full of horns echoing through city streets isn’t a pleasant tone, so we can’t say that we completely miss this one. But, a friendly reminder that you are cutting me off, or “Hey, you just about killed me” is what the horn was invented for. Thai’s need to figure this out.







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