Top 26 Famous Thai Superstitions List


As much as superstitions sometimes don’t make any sense, they are part of every culture and perhaps even part of our beliefs and our everyday life. Thai people have a lot of superstitions and some of them are quiet interesting and funny while others are a total nonsense, but Thai people seem to love them equally.

If you are new in Thailand or you are willing to learn some interesting Thai superstitions, just keep reading:

1. This might be scary, but Thai people believe that if you hear some strange human voices calling you at night then they are probably some ghosts and if you reply to them then they will enter your house.

2. If you dream a snake wrapping itself around your body, don’t worry – according to Thai people, you will find your soulmate pretty soon.

3. Babies are cute, there is no doubt in that, but if you are in Thailand don’t even think about saying that some babies are cute because then a ghost will come and kidnap the baby for being so cute.

4. Oh and talking about babies, Thai people believe that those babies who have birthmarks had past lives.

5. Bees bring luck, so if it enters your house you shouldn’t destroy it because then you will destroy your own luck!

6. If you are living in Thailand and you have no motivation to keep the kitchen clean then remember: either keep your kitchen clean or you will spend a lot of money.

7. Rainbows are such a beautiful product of the mother nature, but if you see a rainbow don’t even think to show it to your friends by pointing out at it. Why?! Because then your finger will fall off!

8. If you break glass dispose them off as soon as possible because it will bring bad luck.

9. You should help your friends or partner with anything, but if they are asking you to give them a handkerchief then you should totally reject them or if you give them then soon you will say good bye to each other.

10. Step after step and you will make it – that’s what everyone says about your career goals and that’s what Thai people say when using stairs – only take one step a time or else your career will be a total failure.

11. If you want to invite some hungry spirits to join your meal then just “clank” your dish, no need to send any invitation.

12. Make sure to buy quality necklace that won’t fall off or else terrible things will happen.

13. Pregnant woman should not go to funeral during her pregnancy or else the ghost of the dead person will haunt her baby once it comes to this world. Poor baby!

14. Make sure to notice whether someone uses different tones while talking with you, if they do – they are definitely insincere.

15. Always wear umbrella or hat while going out… Because if a bird poops on your head then your day would be awful! However, some people think that if a bird poops it is good luck.

16. If a picture of you fall and the glass or the frame breaks then you will die soon.

17. If you see a black cat by chance (not pre-planned), then you will have bad luck.

18. In Thailand getting married in a beautiful location is not the only thing but finding the right date is also important. The monks come up with the wedding day and date by using the date, day and time the couple were born.

19. If you want to open a shop or start a business you have to ask the monks to give the right date or day to start the business.

20. While cooking food make sure to flip the food from the right to left. Flipping from left to right side means you are cooking it for the spirits

21. If you a look under the leg, then you might be looking for spirits.

22. This one is for the kids – Playing hide and seek after the sunset means that you are inviting spirits.

23. If you see a ghost at night, then wait till morning to tell others or the ghost will follow you.

24. If a dog howls it means a ghost is coming.

25. When you eat noodles don’t cut the noodle because the longer the noodle the more you will live.

26. Put your chopstick vertically on the food means you are inviting spirits to eat that food. Although putting it horizontally on the food is OK







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