Things British Expats Won’t Miss In Thailand


For British expats living in Thailand, there will be many things from Britain that will be greatly missed, such as pubs in the countryside, the local butcher and familiarity etc. However, here is a list of things that most expats from Britain will not miss.

The Worst Series Ever

The series ‘Eastenders’ will not be missed by most British expats. It is filmed with virtually no interesting cinematography and just revolves around negativism and stress. The producers must pick out of a hat the weekly drama, such as fights, feuds, divorces, bankruptcy, affairs etc. It really is the most negative (and predictable) series out there, which ironically has a huge following in Britain. If you’ve never seen this series, here are some highlights on YouTube.

Council Tax

Council tax, which was formerly known as poll tax, is a tax that ensures that even if you pay your house or flat off 100% you’ll still be in a form of debt from that property. It really is depressing to have to pay tax on a property that you’ve already bought, every single month of your life. In the past there was even ‘beard tax’ and ‘window tax’, forcing some people to stone wall their windows or shave their beards off.

TV Licences

Having to purchase a ‘licence’ to watch your own TV in Britain is a sad fact, often to the amusement of other nationalities. There are even TV detection vans with radars to catch those ‘criminals’  without TV licences. When viewed from living outside of Britain, it all seems sadly retarded. The tax came in when the BBC channels came out to ‘avoid adverts’, but now with hundreds of channels being available to most people, plus the internet, this illogical tax is still dug in like a tick and refuses to be abandoned.

The Most Annoying Parking Meters on Earth

Britain has the most annoying parking meters that can drive a sane person around the bend. Not only are the parking meters on annoying time limits (such as 35 minutes maximum in a lot of cases) they mostly charge 90 pence, so most people put in one pound, but low and behold you then discover that the parking meter does not give change. Other meters are less annoying in quieter areas, but you still have to compete with having spaces allotted for families, pregnant women, families with cats etc – making something simple like parking into something depressingly awkward.

Entrances to Supermarkets

Entrances/exits to supermarkets in England are often soul destroying to walk through – having charity workers jump on you, people pushing credit cards onto you and usually a crazy tramp with a dog trying to squeeze a few pounds out of you. Thank the gods for supermarket home delivery. Supermarkets spend millions on improving their stores but let customers be harassed when trying to pass through their doors . . . very strange.

‘Legal’ Loan Sharks

For a country that prides itself on low corruption, you’d think that loan sharks trying to trap people into perpetual debt, offering 3000 + percent interest rates would not be able to blatantly advertise on TV. Well, they do, and the government doesn’t do anything to stop it.

Christmas in October

In an effort to get people to spend more, shops and supermarkets often try to start the Christmas hype up crazily early, so that you get 3 months of Christmas lights and hype in your face before it’s even Christmas. This has turned a lovely festival into a Christmas marathon and has led to many people detesting what used to be a festival celebrated in late December & early January.

British Trains

Traveling by train used to be a pleasant affair, where you simply had to buy a ticket, pick a seat and enjoy the journey. Now, because of rail privatisation, you sometimes have to buy 10 tickets for one journey, all with names of different private rail companies plastered all over them, then having to switch to different trains/train companies, where you’ll be running between platforms to get to the next train in time.






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