Angelys Balek And Her Brand Are Taking Over Bangkok


What could be better for the Thai fashionistas than to wear clothes from one of the best Thai brands that was launched in New York and now they are taking over Bangkok!

Yes, you read it well! Angelys Balek who already launched her brand Soontare “Angie” in New York finally found her way back home and brought her AB line in the department stores in Bangkok. Her original wear line is for all those people who want to always look fresh and clean while the other is focused on a ultra-modern swimwear.

If you are already seduced by what you have read here, then imagine how impressed you would be when you would see all those breath-taking pieces of clothes designed by the amazingly talented Angelys Balek!

Don’t waste even a second anymore and visit the two department stores .

And of course, expect another department store where you could buy pieces of this wear-line at Siam Discovery very soon!







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