Best Escape Game Venues In Bangkok

Escape rooms are the newest craze in Bangkok. Escape rooms are type of adventure game that brings the video game to life.

1. Escape Room

Escape room is popular and has 16 branches in many other countries. Here you could find 6 rooms where you could play games, each one with different setting and theme. In Escape Room the group which will manage to pass the challenge in the least timeframe during the week gets a gift! The price of the ticket is 550 baht per person.

Location: 7/F, Zone SF Cinema City, MBK Centre, Phayathai Road
Phone: 02-611-4994

2. Ticket To Mystery

Tickets to Mystery has 4 rooms and the main point of the game is to figure out some clues and manage to escape within 55 minutes. There are different price packages depending on how many people will come along with you.

Location: 3/F, Gateway Ekkamai
Phone: +66-91-107-4065

3. Escape Hunt Experience

Here you can find 6 rooms, but in fact there are only 3 different games which could be played. Each game lasts one hour and could be played by maximum 5 people. Same as Ticket To Mystery, here the price of the packages depend on how many people will come along with you, but if you book the ticket online you get 10% discount.

Location: B2 Level, 399 Interchange Building, Sukhumvit Road
Phone: 02-611-2828







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