Blu36 – Peruvian Restaurant In Bangkok


If you are into Peruvian cuisine then here is some good news: the new restaurant Blu 36 serves some of the most delicious Peruvian dishes ever! In fact, Blu 36 is the first Peruvian restaurant ever opened in Bangkok and therefore the food there is a selection of the most delicious dishes that Peruvian cuisine has to offer.

Their Filipino Chef Joel Neri is responsible for the super delicious pisco sour, causa atun, ceviche and many other dishes that you could taste only in Blu 36! You can also have the chance to taste a unique mixture of Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Andean and Chinese food at Blu 36. Some of the most popular dishes are: aji de galina (a Peruvian classic creamy chicken), Anticucho de lomo (Beef skewer with aji sauce and grilled corn), Ceviche de Pescado, Ceviche de Mariscos and Confetti a la Quinoa (special dish for all the vegetarians).

Besides the super nice and communicative staff, Blu 36 is known for its super comfy outdoor terrace. Sitting under the mango and palm trees, this place gives their guests a shot to feel the tropical atmosphere in all its majesty. Parking space is also available for people planning to drive to the restaurant.

So don’t think even a second, just go and enjoy the taste of Peru in Bangkok!

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