Cocotte – The Best Organic Restaurant In Bangkok


There is nothing better in this world than a romantic dinner in a restaurant where only organic food is served on the table.

Cocotte is a very relaxing restaurant (opened recently in April 2016) with rural chic atmosphere and farm oriented concept. The dishes are organic with ingredients supplied by local farmers. However, that wouldn’t be so delicious if it’s not for their super talented chef Jeriko Van Der Wolf. Chef Jeriko is the one to blame for the super delicious crispy juicy roast chicken, grilled tomahawk steak and many other dishes prepared with so much dedication and diligence.

Another thing which makes this place so authentic is the large wine selection of the best wine-growers in the area and the large selection of cheese which is known to be amazingly tasty.

To make the whole experience incredible for its clients, Cocotte establishes partnership with Roast Coffee (one of the best coffee in entire Bangkok!

Overall, Cocotte is an amazing restaurant where rural and modern styles intertwine into one to make an authentic atmosphere capable to steal your heart forever.








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