Department Of Agriculture Responds After Chemical Residue Found In Vegetables


The Department of Agriculture (DOA) responded after claims on chemical residues found in a survey conducted by Thai-PAN. The survey found out that more than half of the “Q mark” vegetables (Government’s award for quality) were contaminated. The vegetables were sent to a laboratory in the UK where high level of chemical residue was found on fruits and vegetables.

The DOA said that Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) certification is provided after a chemical safety check, crop production process, crop protection, however the Q mark is issued before the goods are sold to consumers. Furthermore, the DOA stated that the farmers provide a detailed information about the crops before any certification is given. The DOA also said that they will trace back the origin of the contaminated vegetables, however the questions lies if Thailand can still be the “Kitchen of the World” if the food safety takes a blow like this.


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