Niyom Restaurant Silom


If you are looking for late night grub in Silom Plaza, Niyom has to be one of the most popular late night eateries in the area. The restaurant that has been around for years but it isn’t somewhere you go for the decor or ambiance,  it’s the menu with a strong Thai and an abundance of Chinese and Teochew (Thai Chinese) influenced dishes that draw in people and keep them coming back. Many of the dishes are catered to the late night drinking snacks such as its popular deep fried crispy pork (moo krob),  the sliced pork loin with special sauce and ginger chicken.

They also boast some incredible stir-fried vegetarian and seafood dishes. There is a seating area outside as well as air conditioning seating indoors. This place really isn’t one to impress someone with the decor or the atmosphere and doesn’t match the price on some of their menu items. But, if you are looking for a quick and tasty night bite Niyom is a good bet.












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