Otzki Wake Camp On Lake Dok Rai Rayong


A weekend on the lake with water sports fun and a generous portion of rest and relaxation is waiting for you just an hour and a half outside of Bangkok. Thailand’s top wakeboard camp, Otzki Wakeboard and Wellness retreat is the perfect getaway for anyone who is looking to have an ideal balance of a healthy, active and relaxing getaway.

The countries only exclusive boutique wake-boarding and wake-surfing retreat is situated on the shores of the stunning Lake Dok Rai in Rayong province. The lake boasts 12 miles of glassy still waters, making spending a day on top of a wave with a surf skate or a wakeboard easily and enjoyable.

The retreat

The retreat is owned and operated by Deen Graves, a multi-talented sports enthusiast with a passion for all things adventure and outdoors. He has an extensive background in professional sports and has been a long time expert in water recreation. He regularly coaches guest and aims to please with his ‘deep thinking’ approach to learning a new sport. Days here are filled with fun and accomplishing moments.

The Boats

Otzki has a selection of pleasure crafts, each one optimal for the water sport of choice. Thier line of Nautique boats are ideal for the ultimate ride. The low-wave boat is used for slalom skiing and wake skating. Giving you the smoothest pull for big cuts and turn on the skis. If you are headed out on the wakeboard or wake surf, you’ll be riding behind the Super Air Nautique 230 with 400 HP. This boat drives up a large wake if you want to get some big air or cut open a wave while surfing. The wake can we set to different sizes for different skill levels. No matter what your skill set is, you will have a blast behind these boats.

The Lodges

The authentic Thai log cabins are situated right on the water giving you a reflective sunrise each morning. Each cabin has electricity, en-suite toilets, showers and a king sized bed with a memory foam mattress, giving it a rustic yet modern touch. Each cabin is connected to the retreat grounds by a tranquil walkway, enhancing your relaxation experience.


Otzki is serious about a healthy lifestyle and aims to take care of your wellness and nutrition while you are there. The retreat has an on site nutritionist and health coach that overlooks all meal planning, making sure you are energized with delicious meals that repair ache muscle after a long day on the water and replenish your body with all the right nutrients. Each night a tantalizing fresh organic and healthy meal is prepared. Enjoy the tastes of the Thailand as you watch the sun set behind the calm lake and distant mountains.








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