“Pay As You Wish” Charity Dinner By Chef Haikal Johari


After a serious motorbike accident Chef Haikal Johari was out of action for many months due to a spinal cord injury but now is back on the culinary stage.

The chef is holding charity dinners on the May 22nd and 24th priced ” Pay As You Wish”. The proceedings of the dinner will go to the spinal cord charity center.

Chef Papat “Jao” Sakyaso will be the special guest on May 22 and will help chef Haikal Johari prepare a finger licking five-course dinner! The dinner is held at Sukhumvit Soi 39 venue.

The second dinner event will take place at Water Library Chamchuri where the six-course dinner will be prepared by chef Haikajl Johari and chef Mirco Keller.

If you are fan of a super delicious dinner prepared by the hands of some of the best chefs in Thailand, make sure to save those dates and be there.









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