Learn Muay Thai In Central Bangkok At Yokkao Boxing


Muay Thai is not easy to learn, there are many techniques and moves that you should conquer so you could say that you are excellent in Muay Thai. It takes a lot of practice and time but it is certainly not impossible especially if a good Muay Thai training camp and its coaches’ stay behind you.

So that’s why this is an excellent opportunity to introduce you the new Muay Thai training camp / school Yokkao Boxing, which recently has been opened in central Sukhumvit. Yet, that’s not the best news! The best news is that professional and super popular fighters like Saenchai and Singdam Kiatmoo would be your personal coaches’ if you decide to sign up for the camp with them.

There are some varieties in the session duration and with that with the prices as well. Usually the price for 90 minutes class is THB 300 for local people and THB 500 for foreigners or if you prefer personal class only for you the price is from THB 1,200 to 4,000. Another option is to sign up to monthly membership consisted of 20 classes for THB 5,000 for local people and THB 8,000 for foreigners

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