Meet Felicity Braid – The Woman Who Helps Bangkok Refugees In A Super Unique Way


Many people tend to say that they have lost faith in humanity because people no longer want to help other people… However, those who say that certainly don’t know about Felicity Braid, the woman who came up with an excellent idea about how to help refugees in Bangkok!

The entire story started back in 2013 when Felicity started working with refugees in Bangkok, but the situation got to a whole another level when she quit her job at an international school last year and started up a home-school based education program and once a week reading program for a bigger group of children of the families she works with. Her main vision was to help those children achieve the necessary academic level and keep up with their education with a bigger strength and desire.

Nevertheless, the story doesn’t end there. Felicity Braid then decided to take a step forward towards her charity goals and help the refugee families earn some income without having to leave their home. Many women who were members of those families already had some basic sewing skills so she decided to use their potential for creating homemade sweet memory teddy bears made from children’s clothes for selling to families who want to buy their children some cute personalized teddy bears and at the same time help these families earn some income.

Felicity has already found some Thai women who helped in training refugee women to make amazing teddy bears. Yet her vision is to find more people who will join her organization and make some contributions in the amazing charity challenge that she and her team are trying to achieve in order to support the refugee families in need.

If you think that you could somehow become part of her journey, don’t hesitate to contact her and contribute in making someone’s world better than it is now.












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