Order Healthy Meals From Polpa


People tend to lead a busy lifestyle in Bangkok which often leads to unhealthy nutritional habits. Well, Polpa is here to change that. Polpa is an online delivery service where people who have no time to cook and consume healthy food, could get delicious, healthy meals delivered to their doorstep instead of ordering the traditional fast food.

The food they deliver is Mediterranean inspired with Asian influences, always prepared with high-quality natural ingredients so it is delicious yet healthy at the same time. Their vision is to keep people with busy lifestyle energized throughout the day as they believe that good health could be achieved with balanced meals prepared with fresh vegetables, lean meat and grains.

Some of their most popular dishes are: pumpkin and hazelnut salad, chicken and chorizo sandwich, roast beef and salsa verde and many, many more. You can order lunch or dinner set and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Nevertheless, Polpa’s specialty in delivering healthy food is not only preparing organic meals, but also delivering the meals in food packaging made of natural plant fibres which is completely free from carcinogenic agents.

They work from Monday to Friday and their delivery fee varies from 50 baht to 65 baht. Check out their menu and order your first food.







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