Plimpa Provides Easy, Convenient Buying And Selling


Just arrived in Bangkok and need something for your apartment? Buy a new sofa and want to get rid of your old one? Need something for the kitchen, but don’t want to pay full price? Why not try

What is

Plimpa is simple, it is a website that posts a sellers ad to its website. Yet, Plimpa is far more than just a website that sellers post to. Plimpa adds those advertisements to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This allows Plimpa to advertise an item to thousands of possible customers that would otherwise not know about the product. Giving sellers a chance to reach a large market.

Sellers can reach more buyers

Plimpa takes the stress out of selling an item, and gives vendors the chance to reach far more people than they normally would. With only a few clicks, customers can buy whatever it is they need, or a seller can make some quick cash off an item they no longer need.

Who uses

Plimpa is perfect for those buyers looking for furniture and household items, or for those expats needing to offload an item they no longer need. Plimpa allows users to either buy the products outright or to participate in auctions. Whichever way a buyer chooses to use Plimpa, they will be able to purchase whatever they are looking for.

The simplicity of

Plimpa is simple to use and users can access via mobile devices or from a home computer. Users can click on the map on Plimpa’s website and find apartments near them that have items for sale. It is a very simple service that will have customers coming back again and again. is perfect for expats just arriving to Bangkok or those veterans of Thai living. Try Plimpa today for convenient living.





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Kristina is a 21 years old student of Faculty of Arts, department of Philology. When she was 17 she left her home country, Macedonia, and moved to Bangkok, Thailand which she thinks is her home. She has been in Bangkok for 4 years now. She fell in love with Bangkok because of its seductive charm and diverse culture, as she says no other city in the world has. Her passion for writing and her enthusiasm and knowledge of Bangkok's lifestyle got interlaced which later made her way to Bangkok Expat Life.


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