Snacks That Expats Miss The Most And Where To Get It


No matter how much fat and calories snacks have, we all love them! We all love sitting in front of the TV or computer or hanging out with our friends while enjoying some of our favorite snacks and when we are away from home and our beloved ones we miss our favorite snacks. Bangkok Expat Life created a list of snacks that expats living in Bangkok miss the most:

1. Scampi Fries

scampi fries

Probably many of you have already tried this super delicious snack which are made of some of the finest ingredients and could perfectly match whatever drink you choose. The best thing is that they are also suitable for vegetarians which perhaps is what makes them so popular, of course, besides their amazing taste.

2. Frazzles


Another super popular snack is Frazzles which is bacon flavor corn based snack originally sold in the United Kingdom. What may surprise you is that although, as mentioned above, Frazzles has bacon flavor they are suitable for vegetarians as well! Impressive!

3. Terry’s Chocolate Orange

terry's chocolate orange

This is a chocolate product which was originally created back in 1932 by Terry’s in England. In the package there is a bar of six segments that form the shape of orange. The chocolate could be in different flavors such as: honeycomb, milk chocolate, white chocolate and so on.

4. Mr. Porky

mr. porky snack

As the name suggest, Mr. Porky is a pork snack which is beyond delicious! Same as the previous ones, this snack is also from the United Kingdom. There are 3 types of packages of Mr. Porky: 18g bag, 70g bag and 5 pack Multipack.

5. Cofresh Potato Snacks

cofresh snack food

Cofresh Potato Snacks are without doubt one of the most popular snacks. What is interesting about Cofresh is that, it is an Indian snack made in the United Kingdom. There are a few flavors: Hog & Spicy, Chilli & Lemon, Cheese & Onion and Jalapeno.

There are many other snacks that are extremely popular and without a doubt, they expats must miss it a lot, but there is a great news! You can get them with only one click no matter how far from your home country you are! Yes, you read it well.

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