Starving, Abandoned Animals At The Tiger Temple


Since the departure of the tigers from the the controversial Tiger temple in Kanchanaburi, the other animals are starving to death. The staff at the Tiger temple has asked for donations from people or organizations to feed other animals. The Thai authorities have moved all the tigers to different locations because the temple has been accused of illegal wildlife trafficking. The Tiger temple main source of income comes from tourists coming to visit and play with the most dangerous animals and since they are gone the temple is literally closed with no tourists.

Mr. Nuttawut said “Some of them have become sick. Some are pregnant. We can’t do anything but let them forage for food on temple grounds. It would be good if government officials, particularly veterinarians, could come to take a look at them from time to time” according to Bangkok Post. Furthermore, the staff at the temple also asked for people / animal lovers to donate money to feed the animals.

Tiger temple had its first tiger in 1999 and since then grew to 147 tigers until the end of 2015. As the tigers grew in number the popularity rocketed which gave plentiful money to the monastery to provide a home to tigers.

How was the Tiger Temple Established?

Back in 1999 Phra Athit suffered from Luekemia and was going to die in 6 months as per doctors report. As he prepared to die local villagers asked him to look after a dying tiger cub. Believing the same fate, he established the Tiger temple as a shelter for this endangered species.








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