Things To Do When It Rains In Bangkok


Although rain sometimes is very beautiful to watch, but it certainly limits the things that we could do. Bangkokians love outdoor activities but the monsoon restricts them from doing so. Well if you are in a situation like that right now, keep reading because we are about to give you the ultimate guide on how to beat boredom or things to do in Bangkok when it rains…..

1. Give your brain a work and try out Game Cafes

kopi o game cafe bangkok

Try out the game cafes in Bangkok. Game cafes has full stack of snacks and drinks while playing your favorite board game.

2. Go Rock climbing 

rock climbing in sukhumvit

Try your hand at the adventurous place for rock climbing in Sukhumvit 49. You can hire equipment’s at Urban Playground. They have 7,000 sq. feet of indoor climbing goodness.

3. Chill out in a cafe

cafes in bangkok

There are cafes in Bangkok in almost every corner. Try out some of the games in the cafes and makes some new friends while sipping lattes.

4. Read a book

For those who like traveling in the world of fiction, nothing could be more relaxing than just laying on your bed, reading your favorite book, drinking some cup of coffee and… of course, listening the rain drop falling on your window! So just go to the closest library or bookstore and grab some books

5. Bounce the Rain!!

bounce thailand

Bounce Thailand is an amazing trampoline park and one of the best ways to burn some calories while you are having fun with your friends.The best thing is that it is not only for adults, but also for children which means that you could bring your children (they must have at least 3 years) and give them a chance to have fun with other children every time they are bored.

6. Relax at a spa

oasis spa bangkok

Bangkok is known for its large number of amazing spa centers. You can relax and forget about the world. Try the Oasis spa in Thong lor or try the Orientist spa in Ari area.

7. Japanese Onsen / Bake-off

japanese bake off bangkok

Think you’ve encountered some unusual spa treatments in Bangkok? Foot-nibbling fish, a facial with snail slime. Well you can now experience being buried in a bath beneath volcanic sand for up to 20 minutes.

8. Watch movie with your friends or family

Watch a movie with your friends and beloved ones. A glass of fine along with the movie is the best way to keep you warm prepare some delicious popcorn and your boredom will be disappear right away!

9. Have spicy food to keep your warm

We often find ourselves getting cold while it rains which sometimes tends to be very irritating. Just order some Thai noodles, Mexican, Indian or whatever food which is super spicy and you will beat the cold in no time!

10. Improve your cooking skills

If you want to improve your cooking skills and learn to cook something new, but never have enough time to do that then this could be the perfect moment for that! Instead of going out while it rains, stay at home and prepare some delicious food that you have never prepared before and then just have a glass of wine with it. Just like in your favorite restaurant!

11. Make an indoor treasure hunt

Another activity that you could do with your friends or children while it rains is make an indoor treasure hunt. All you have to do is just hide something, make a map and then make your friends or children go to look for it. Of course, make sure to have an award for the winner so the things will be more exciting.

12. Have a nice bubble bath

If you are feeling cold, then nothing could be more perfect than having some nice bubble bath which will relax you and warm you up at the same time. To make the whole experience even better, make sure to turn the music on and have some warm cup of coffee or tea next to your bath tube.

13. Write poetry

write poetry

Well not all people could be some great poets, but without doubt we all have something that we hold inside without knowing how to express it. Writers and poets often say that rain gives them an extra inspiration so why not use the rain time for writing what our soul hides deep inside and explore the poet inside us? Give it a shot!









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