10 Free Things To Do In Bangkok

With the summer holiday season approaching in much of the northern hemisphere, travellers and tourists will be embarking on those long awaited vacations. With Bangkok is the jewel of Southeast Asia, the city will be inundated with tourists from around the world.

In addition, Bangkok is a hotbed for expats looking for an enjoyable, carefree lifestyle. This week, Bangkok Expat Life looks at 10 free things to do in Bangkok.

10. Thai kickboxing

learn muay thai in bangkok

Thai kickboxing is known the world over as one of the premier exports from the country, along with Thai green curry and ladyboys. Fights are held in arenas around the country, but tourists, fans and expats can venture to the MBK Shopping Centre to view free Muay Thai Kickboxing events.

Every Wednesday at 6:00 PM the shopping centre hosts a fight night, and is a perfect way to get introduced to the sport. For those expecting UFC or WWE-style fights, you may be disappointed.

9. Relax in Lumphini Park
lumpini park bangkok

Bangkok is a sprawling, congested city of 14 million inhabitants, and Lumphini Park is a break from the maze of the city. People can stroll through the park, go for a run or just lay back and watch the world go by.

8. Temples, Temples, Everywhere!

wat Arun temple bangkok

One of the most well-known aspects of Thailand is the vast number of Buddhist Temples. There are temples in nearly every nook and cranny – or alcove – in the city. Expats can venture around the temples and enjoy the architecture of the holy buildings.

7. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

bangkok art and culture center

While it may not be as fun as cabaret shows with Ladyboys or kickboxing, the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre will provide museum goers with plenty of excitement. The museum provides films, live music concerts and storytelling. In addition, check out the newest exhibits at the centre while taking a break from the fast-paced life of Bangkok.

6. Or Tor Kor

or tor kor market

Considered the fourth best fresh market in the world, Or Tor Kor is crammed with food stalls and vendors trying to sell visitors anything and everything. Stroll around the market or look for some of the best and most unique products in Southeast Asia, just don’t get lost amongst all the produce on display.

5. Crocodiles at Wat Chakrawat

wat chakrawat

“That’s not a knife. This is a knife.” The Wat Chakrawat will give tourists the chance to get in touch with their inner Crocodile Dundee. The temple, located in Chinatown, has live crocodiles swimming in the moat around it. Enjoy it, but don’t get too close.

4. Chinatown


Some might find it ridiculous to visit Chinatown while in Bangkok. However, Bangkok’s Chinatown is like a world away from the rest of the city. Stroll around to see the Chinese temples, food stalls and shops.

3. Check out Maeklong Railway Market

Maeklong Railway Market

The Maeklong Railway Market is one of the largest fresh fish markets in all of Thailand. However, that is not the reason it is a must see in Bangkok. Running right through the stalls and alleyways is a train that runs from Maeklong to Pak Khlong San. As the train approaches, the stalls close up, until the train has passed, when they re-emerge.

2. Siam Green Sky

siam green sky

For those looking for another escape from the concrete and powerlines of Bangkok, head to the Siam Green Sky. The venue gives visitors a chance to see how food will be grown in the future. It is open to guests every third weekend of the month, and gives everyone a chance to stroll the market and experience free workshops. Definitely worth checking out, before returning to the noise of Bangkok below.

1. Visit the Asiatique Riverfront
asiatique nightmarket

Formerly a set of old port warehouses, the Asiatique Riverfront is now a night bazaar and shopping mall. With 1500 stores and 40 restaurants, the Asiatique Riverfront has something for everyone. Just stroll around and take in the sights or part with some cash, the Asiatique Riverfront is a must see.





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