8 Dishes In Bangkok That You Have To Try This August


The truth is that food is necessary for our survival, but indeed food is also one of the biggest pleasures in the world that many people are addicted to (if not all of them). Food lovers who live in Bangkok are lucky enough to have an extremely wide choice as there are many different cuisines available in this huge metropolis. Wondering which dishes you should try out this August? Here is a little help!

1. Steak Dishes At The Grill

the grill steakhouse bangkok

If you are fan of some fine steak dish then The Grill is the best place in Bangkok for that. The key for their super popular steak dishes probably is the high quality of beef which they import from countries like: Japan, USA and Australia. Nevertheless, what makes their steak dishes even more delicious is the fact that they combine it with ingredients such as: fries with truffle aioli, eggplants parmigiana, bearnaise, barbecue, green peppercorn etc. If you decide to check out The Grill, don’t forget to try some of their wines as well as they are known to have some of the finest wines in Bangkok!

2. The Verrazano Sandwich At BKK Bagel

bkk bagel bakery

BKK Bagel is the one of the top sandwich restaurants in Bangkok. However, there is one particular sandwich that you have to try out this August and that is The Verrazano which is made by homemade bread, meat and crunchy freshness and some fanfare.

3. Black Ink Fettuccine At Ciao Terrazza

ciao terraza italian restaurant

Ciao Terrazza is Italian-style restaurant where you could experience the Italian spirit and flavors in the dishes. One of the most tasty dishes is Black Ink Fettuccine Pasta prepared with sauteed cuttlefish, cherry tomatoes, broccoletti and oregano. Make sure to not skip it this month.

4. The Chicken In Heat At Bar21

bar21 rca

Bar21 is a casual bar where you can go to chill out on Friday night while listening to live performances and drinking some of the best Spanish tapas in Bangkok. Nevertheless, that is not everything that you can do in Bar21. Here you can also eat their Gourmet burgers from which perhaps the most popular is The Chicken In Heat prepared with grilled chicken breast, fried onion, sliced boiled egg, homemade mayo and french fries.

5. Mix Grill At Avra

Avra is a Greek restaurant nicely decorated in Santorini-style and offers dishes which are more than delicious! This month you should give the shot to the Mix Grill dish which is consisted by different grilled meat, chicken kebab, soutzoukakia, Greek sausage, lamb chops and pork on spit.

6. Nachos at Tacos & Salsa
pork carnitas soft tacos with guacamole and salsa
pork carnitas soft tacos with guacamole and salsa

Tacos & Salsa is a Mexican restaurant in Sukhumvit soi 18. If you are into Mexican food, then you really have to try the Nachos at Tacos & Salsa. Nachos come with a heaping of beans and cheese jalapenos.

7. Crispy Pig At Cocotte


Cocotte is an organic restaurant with rural chic atmosphere and farm oriented concept. All the dishes in this restaurant are prepared with fresh ingredients supplied by local farmers. Crispy Pig is a roasted pork belly with honey-beer glaze and caramelized apple. Mmm… Delicious!

8. Anticucho De Lomo at Blu36

peruvian dish

This is a Peruvian restaurant where besides Peruvian food, you could also get a unique mixture of Japanese, Italian, Andean and Chinese dishes. However, there is one dish that you have to try this month – Anticucho De Lomo. This dish is prepared with beef skewer, aji sauce and grilled corn. Enjoy!







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