Check Out The New Food Zone In Siam Discovery – Co Food Lab


Siam Discovery definitely has the surprise of the month for all the food lovers as they have gathered flea markets and food trucks on the fourth floor. The name of this temporary drink and food zone is Co Food Lab and there is so much to discover there.

Moon Taste’s specialty are soups which are super delicious and start from 115 THB. On the other hand, for 249 THB you could also have Uncle Boss’s Waffdog.

White Belly is a premium coconut water (100% organic) store at the Co Food Lab. The coconuts water comes all the way from Ratchaburi which is famous for its coconut water.

Manhattan Mango is the 1st mango-specializing truck in Bangkok. You could order the popular Mangorrismo smoothie, Salsa Harem, Soho Chicken and so much more.

Goodery Ville is a salad dressing shop that makes your food taste better.

A’Cuppa Gourmet Coffee is a fresh ground coffee using the finest quality of beans and packaged individually in sachets that can easily just Grab&Go.

Appetizz is dedicated to some nice and refreshing drinks which are very colorful and unique.

After some tasty main dish, there always should be a dessert. In Co Food Lab the desserts could be found in Deerato, which serves different flavors of ice cream with free-toppings, and Plaisir, where you could find French pastries.







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