Foreign Couple Apologises Publicly For Public Oral Sex, Fined 2,000 baht


Just days after being caught on camera having oral sex on Walking Street on Koh Phi Phi, the shamed couple publically apologised following public outrage.

The Irish man and American woman were caught by locals, who videoed the female performing oral sex on her male counterpart. Following the late night blow job, the camera man posted it online. The video was posted as a way to shame the two as it went viral around the world.

Due to the public’s outrage over the incident, three Thai provinces had issued warrants for their arrests. The couple, wanting to put the incident behind them, decided to turn themselves in and were each fined THB 2,000, once they found out about the police search for them.

The couple, reportedly exchange students from an unnamed university in Chiang Mai, quickly turned themselves in to police in Krabi once police let it be known they were after them. The oral sex video was uploaded to YouTube which allowed it to go viral, and giving the two foreigners a face to the public. The two were charged with indecent exposure and committing an indecent act in public.

The American woman, identified as Nadine, and the Irish man, identified as Sullivan, were presented at a press conference to address the public. This time, however, the two were fully clothed and much more remorseful than the last time on camera.

The couple explained that they were heavily under the influence of alcohol at the time of the sexual act, therefore the reason it took place in public. Following their apology, the couple did a wai for the audience before being fined and released.

The stress of the situation had influenced the two to turn themselves in. After the incident had taken place, the woman returned to Chiang Mai to continue with her studies. Meanwhile, her partner in crime had travelled to Surat Thani. Once the news broke, they both decided it was in their best interest to return to Krabi and face charges.
While incidents of public indecency have happened before in Thailand, this will most likely not be the last. Perhaps the shaming from local Thais and the viral video that came from this incident will prevent others from doing the same.






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